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ccsccplicKevin Harris — What’s really exciting about the future is the recognition that Conservative ideology isn’t really dead in this province. We just have to stop looking towards the [read more].

13010818_10207884135680019_545893457518491512_nKevin Harris — Scientific theories notwithstanding, there are two fundamental forces at work in the world today — the drive toward collectivity and the drive toward individuality. Agenda 2030 (aka, Agenda 21) and it’s baby brother, the Leap Manifesto are the epitome highlights of societies’ drive towards [read more].

EarthKevin Harris — Simply stated, the Agenda is a means to increase government control by increasing citizenry dependence upon the state. This Agenda is otherwise known as “The New World Order”.
The Agenda has been implemented, arguably since 1972. This insidious movement has castrated political movements, public perception and public figures — over decades. This shift toward a UN sponsored totalitarian state is [read more].

5pillarsNick Vandergragt — Conservatism has long suffered from an identity crisis. In spite of it’s adherents desire to see things in a very much black and white way, they still fall victim to nebulousness because of the wide variety of ideas [read more].

20160116SOPHIEGTMLKSONG_2500kbps_852x480_2682188219Patricia Harris — A rising star! A new idol to follow! Who knew we would be treated to not one, but two rock stars when you voted in the Trudeaus’ [read more].


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The aims of both this Page and this Blog is to highlight and discuss current events here in Canada and indeed around the world!
Canadian Common Sense will attempt to bring forth and discuss issues the mainstream media doesn’t want to discuss.


10 Responses to Home

  1. Patricia says:

    I love the fighting Beaver!

  2. Pako says:

    I will be following you. Anything that will bring truth to light, I’m in…

  3. Bob says:

    Hey, cool blog. Need more of these good ones.

  4. Jon Smith says:

    Your facts are anything but. What a joke. A light to the unenlightened, be proud bud.

    • Cory says:

      What facts do you think are a joke? The fact the Liberals form a majority (it is true, but is pretty much a joke, yep). The fact the Conservatives are the opposition (true)? The fact the NDP are 3rd (true)? Or the fact the landscape has changed? (true)

      • Dave says:

        Stephen Harper’s accomplishments. The number of pure fabrications is staggering. One fact among ten lies is hardly accurate.

  5. Diane Luhta says:

    I voted for Steve Harper

  6. John says:

    Looking forward to some serious and sensible discussion !

  7. Just found this — how do I enter into this page for discussions?? We need something like this in Canada so ideas can be exchanged – disputed and analyzed — where have u been? In fairness, I have little if any expertise with the method of communication, so I likely would never have seen this – in fact, I have no idea how I got on here just now — please advise — thanks

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