Singing Sophie

20160116SOPHIEGTMLKSONG_2500kbps_852x480_2682188219A rising star!  A new idol to follow!  Who knew we would be treated to not one, but two rock stars when you voted in the Trudeaus’.

These two people think they are Gods gift to Canada (maybe even the world!)  Justin’s claim to fame is his name and Sophie got it by marrying the guy.  And people keep feeding into it by giving standing ovations and insisting upon taking selfies.  Neither has any talent.

She said she was inspired by all the singing at this event.  It made her want to join in and celebrate with her voice.  The thing is, it was embarrassing and cringe-worthy.  She was off key to even my non-musical ear.  The lyrics had nothing to do with the purpose of the speech.  There was no reference to civil rights or racial justice – it was an ode to her daughter.  She is riding the on the coat tails of her husband.

She says she wants to be a musician and make her own records.  Perhaps we, as taxpayers, can fund that for her.  She can go to Hollywood or Nashville on our dime, while we pay to have nannies babysit her children.

Yes, Stephen Harper sang “with a little help from my friends” but he was asked to do so and at least he can sing.  Sophie just belts out whatever and thinks we all want to hear her homemade lyrics and that we will love her for it.  Wrong!

I wonder.  When she joined the royal family, did Margaret give her lessons on what stupidity to bring to the table?  Did Margaret tell her that Canadians loved it when she sang, so Sophie should also?  Did Margaret groom her to be the wife of a prime minister like the Queen Mom did for Diana?  Well, I hope, if this is the case, that Margaret didn’t share on how to be the slut of the people.  Perhaps Mick Jagger can give her some tips.

Before she sang, she spoke. As the guest speaker at the ceremony hosted by DreamKEEPERS, she compared Canada to a “huge fall of snow where every person, like every snowflake, is unique”.  Wow, that was creative!  Perhaps she could put that to music for us and we can give her more standing ovations.  Maybe she can re-write and sing the Canadian Anthem for us.  I don’t know: can snowflakes stand on guard for thee?

Both Mr and Mrs Trudeau are foolish in believing they are the super couple of Canada.  They think that because they “won” the election that everyone is in awe of them and that we can’t live without them.  I get the impression they both think that they personally won the election themselves and now everyone will bow to them and kiss their feet.  Unfortunately, many people do just that.  How sad.  How long will this honeymoon last?

My biggest fear when Trudeau ran for PM, was his impact on the world stage.  I couldn’t see him standing up to Putin, or dealing with the states (this is even more worrisome if Trump gets in.)  Now all I see is the world laughing at us and all Sophie can do is sing a song of sixpence while Justin is off taking those selfies and hugging terrorists.  We are in deep trouble, and getting in deeper every minute.  We can hire her to sing at Canada’s funeral.

She can use these lyrics:

Some people doubt that Justin can fly
Some people hate him and I don’t know why
People can live if they pay their taxes
And I know I will prevail.

I can spend on my dresses
I can buy music lessons
I can get my hair done
No wait – No wait
That is Justin’s fun!

Together we will prevail
And take Canada down
We have wind in our sail
From all the hot air we have found.

People will love us
No matter what we sing
We throw Canada under the bus
When we hear our voices ring.

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4 Responses to Singing Sophie

  1. roberthakim says:

    Though I wholeheartedly agree to most of the content, I wouldn’t willingly share it only because of Maggie. You may be 100% correct re her historical record, I would however will have kept it to what’s relevant in mis-grooming her heiress! Kind regards.

    • Joy Cavanagh Dykeman says:

      You inserted Maggie into this conversation, Robert Hakim. It was directed directly at Mr & Ms PM, based entirely on their own performances and failures. Sorry. Don’t agree with you..

  2. M says:

    Are you sure you’re not just jealous of Justin’s hair?

  3. Out west says:

    I still say, the simplest and best solution is to seperate the west from the east and sell the west to the USA for two million dollars for every man woman and child, in our bank account not government . Also in American Dollars. Then make the east pay out our pensions. And give them at lest 2 girds of Canada’s debut. Let’s become part of the USA. The USA won’t need to bring in immigrant workers. They will have all of the x Canadians as part of the buy out.the USA can screen each one of us and leave the terrorists and gangs with the newly shaped Canada. We would all be much better off. Just think anyone that wants a job could work from the Mexican border to Alaska. I believe Trump will get a decent medical plan together soon

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