The Secret Recipe (a la Carbon)

gas-pumps-at-pocket-parks4.3¢/L.  How is forcing Ontario ratepayers to pay more for a liter of gasoline supposed to fight global warming?  How is forcing residents to pay a $5.00/month more for natural gas supposed to help with combating climate change?  It can’t.  This is just desperation from a bankrupt government.

And that’s just the beginning of the increase costs to consumers.

In the 2014-15 fiscal year, the Government of Ontario’s deficit rose to $10.9 billion, increasing its net debt to $281.4 billion.  Ontario’s debt clock has that amount closer to $297 billion; that’s roughly $21,627 for every man, woman and child living in this province.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne is unveiling her new “Cap and Trade” carbon pricing scheme — revealing some economic impacts Wednesday.  More details will be released today; budget day at Queen’s Park.

Typically pro-carbon tax, the Green Party of Ontario was quick to take issue with Wynne’s proposed Cap and Trade tax scheme.

“The Liberal government intends to give major polluters a “free ride” while forcing average consumers to pay more.” says GPO Leader Mike Schreiner.  He went on to note, “A simpler and fairer plan would be a carbon fee and dividend, which would see revenues returned directly to people and businesses to help them invest in energy-efficient technology”.

The trouble is that Ontario is a bankrupt government eager to raise whatever revenues they possibly can — at the expense of both corporations and the individual taxpayer.

Remember former Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion’s ‘Green Shift’ proposal during the 2008 Federal election?  That really was a revenue neutral carbon pricing plan.  Ontario, however, with this new scheme is increasing the costs to consumers while not reducing personal income and corporate taxes to offset the increased cost.

Ontario will become the third Canadian province to implement a carbon pricing scheme; joining Quebec and British Colombia.  BC’s carbon tax was accompanied by a reduction in personal income and corporate taxes while the new tax in QC had no accompanying tax-shift, but the rate of this retail tax is lower than BC.

“Revenue from the cap-and-trade auction set for next year will be used to “protect” consumers from an electricity rate hike and could even lead to rates going down”, Wynne said before adding that she expects the program won’t increase electricity costs for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Minister for the Environment Glen Murray says, “In my (downtown Toronto) constituency, and I don’t have a big constituency, the difference in gas prices between one station and another is greater than any change that’s going to occur as a result of Cap and Trade.”

trucker copyHere’s the problem; an increase, even one as ‘modest’ as a 4.3¢/L increase at the pumps or an increase of $5/month for natural gas will lead to increases in just about everything else.  Food prices will rise.  The transportation industry will increase costs on delivery, passing that onto the consumer.  Taxis, public transit, emergency services will be directly affected with increases to operating expenses.  There will also be increases to propane and heating oil.

Wynne revealed Wednesday that certain entities will be ‘temporarily’ exempt.  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath supports Cap and Trade but said it’s “worrisome” big polluters are getting “a bit of a pass.”

Starting next January, this new Cap and Trade scheme is expected to yield the government $1.3 billion a year and it plans to use that revenue to reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The Canadian Press reports Finance Minister Charles Sousa denied Wednesday that Cap and Trade revenue would be used to lower the $10.9-billion deficit, which the Liberals have promised to eliminate by 2017-18.

Even if we can believe this government when they claim that all monies raised will go directly towards reducing GHG emissions — forgetting for the moment this government has lied time and again, do you really think that a reduction in our GHG emissions will help with the battle of climate change?

When one considers that all of Canada’s (not just Ontario) total contribution to human-induced global warming is 1.58% of the world’s total GHG emissions, I’m left to wonder just what the heck Ontario actually hopes to accomplish.

Consider China’s GHG emissions; China emits over 25% of the world’s total.  Why should Ontario residents have to pay more to reduce our negligible contribution?  We’re already one of the most greenest provinces and country.  25% dwarfs 1.58% — simple as that.

It is interesting to note that GHG emissions contribute to global warming.  Yet we call this process ‘climate change’ because various computer models are showcasing contradictory projections as to whether or not our planet is overall warming or cooling.

The Earth frequently undergoes heating and cooling periods; this is a natural cycle and has been the ebb and flow since the dawn of this blue planet’s existence.  Any and all reductions in GHG emissions we may achieve over the next fifty years will be immediately undone by just one volcanic eruption (to say nothing of China’s daily emissions or if the Sun’s solar cycles fluctuate).  The forces affecting climate change are naturally occurring and of paramount magnitude, thus dwarfing Humanity’s negligible impact.
And if you truly believe that it is all Humanity’s fault, then would you explain to me how the climate was in a constant state of change before the industrial revolution?  Hell, before Humanity?!

So on one hand, we have a bankrupt government and on the other we have a desire to move away from dependency on fossil fuels; that’s the theory — burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions that lead to a warming effect on the planet.  Even though different climate models are predicting global cooling.

Wynne never met a revenue tool she didn’t like.  This tax grab will do nothing to ‘fight’ a natural process.

Look no further than Ontario and its green energy debacle, its debt and deficit (the third largest expenditure of the provincial budget is paying interest on our debt).  Any and all monies raised through yet another tax will go directly into government coffers, insiders and special interest groups with no real, long term solution.  But you can bet they’ll spin it as, “we’re doing our part to save the planet”.

A carbon tax is nothing more than a cash grab by elitist, so-called progressive governments; all the while convincing you that you’re doing your small part to save a planet that is in no need of saving.

Bend over taxpayer, bend over small business; you’re about to take it up the tailpipe.

But hey, the government is bankrupt.  Get your wallet out folks!

Now Here’s the Real Crux: The Secret Recipe

Before you begin, it helps to be a liberal as liberals are good and conservatives are bad.

Pick a natural problem, preferably one Humanity does not fully understand or can be easily manipulated.  Example: Throw a dart at the periodic table of elements.  The dart hits carbon.  Carbon is bad.

Propose a solution. If we tax all forms of this natural element, we can raise revenues to fight the natural problem.

Add some cherry-picked scientific studies citing that carbon and its variants are bad.  Carbon-Dioxide, Carbon-Monoxide; ignore the fact that CO2 is plant food and ignore the fact that Humans are carbon based lifeforms.

Convince the masses.  It is their civic duty and they’ll feel good by spending some of their hard earned cash to fight our natural problem.

Eager for a piece of the proverbial pie, special interests groups pop up advocating for renewables such as wind turbines and solar cells (just ignore how much oil goes into the production of a solar cell or wind turbine); further generating revenue for the ’cause’. It helps to already have a few insiders at this point, working toward the ‘common cause’.

Then enter the Companies; preferably buddies of the insiders, or the insiders themselves.

Now take your ingredients and slowly mix t’ill blended.
1) Slowly begin to stir the natural problem; get the media’s attention
2) offer your proposed solution (in this example, a carbon tax)
3) convince the masses that they’ll feel better doing their part
4) special interest groups will help you stir, for a piece of the carbon tax revenue
4) companies build the solution at outrageous costs to the taxpayer

Once blended, add to a pot and place on your green stove on high heat.

In a few years, you’ll have a multi-billion dollar industry and a huge revenue tool for the government paid for by the taxpayer.  Just ask David Suzuki and Al Gore about it; they’ve made millions from this ‘climate scare’.

Hmmm… I don’t like helium; it’s bad for the environment because it makes your voice funny.  Think I could make a multi-billion dollar industry fighting helium?

About Kevin Harris

Kevin is an active grassroots Canadian citizen, writer & blogger. Kevin ran in Ontario's last General Election; the Kevin4Carleton Campaign sought to raise and discuss the issues effecting real change in the Ontario Legislature and, in turn, for the people of the Carleton Riding.
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5 Responses to The Secret Recipe (a la Carbon)

  1. Linda says:

    This is a lying incompetent government that has completely ruined ON

  2. Linda says:

    At the core of Liberal beliefs is that the ON citizens are really stupid, easily manipulated.

  3. David Strutt says:

    As a percentage of the atmosphere, both CO2 and He are kinda minuscule. But since water vapour is responsible for about 95% of the greenhouse effect, I think you would have a much easier shot there, Kevin. Anyone who boils water for a cup of tea would owe you money. Then there’s an “Earth Rotation” tax … for everybody moving in an easterly direction.

    But a few of us do fully appreciate the absolute insanity, and the villainy, of these tax scams. Taxation is the only industry socialists fully support.

  4. roberthakim says:

    Reblogged this on Robbie's Blog and commented:
    Liberals and their supporters are either dumb or numb! Totally disconnected, they overload the most vulnerable. Shame!

  5. roberthakim says:

    Liberals and their supporters are either dumb or numb! Totally disconnected, they overload the most vulnerable. Shame!

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