HELP NEEDED: Our Voices Are Falling Silent

7584087_1449975264.757Hey folks!

I wanted to tell you all that for the next short-while, the Canadian Common Sense Website and Blog (at will be going dark.

The decision to temporarily allow the Blog to fall silent was not made as a result of any third party influence to silence us. Rather, this decision was made as a direct result in lack of capital.

All we need to do is raise enough money to get our Canadian Common Sense back! I personally must ask you, and implore you to help; I need to raise $150 within the next 36 hours.

You can help!  Please click or tap here to help!

May I please have your support? I need your help folks. Democracy needs your help! We, the CCS team, hope you’ll lend a hand and can count on your donation of $10 or $20 dollars or whatever you can spare.

Thank-you everyone for your tireless support of the CCS Blog, thank-you for lending your voice to the conversation. I’d like to personally thank-you all for your participation in making Canadian Common Sense apart of your day.

One day, one dollar at a time. Let’s keep this common sense movement moving!

As always on your side and best regards to you,

– Kevin


About Kevin Harris

Kevin is an active grassroots Canadian citizen, writer & blogger. Kevin ran in Ontario's last General Election; the Kevin4Carleton Campaign sought to raise and discuss the issues effecting real change in the Ontario Legislature and, in turn, for the people of the Carleton Riding.
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2 Responses to HELP NEEDED: Our Voices Are Falling Silent

  1. Justin Trudeau says:

    Haha loser!

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