Let’s not stop Kevin O’Leary

Food for thought.

About Kevin Harris

Kevin is an active grassroots Canadian citizen, writer & blogger. Kevin ran in Ontario's last General Election; the Kevin4Carleton Campaign sought to raise and discuss the issues effecting real change in the Ontario Legislature and, in turn, for the people of the Carleton Riding.
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1 Response to Let’s not stop Kevin O’Leary

  1. mark says:

    Kevin O’Leary checks all the boxes when it comes to a list of narcissistic traits, and is about as trustworthy as Judas. He would sell his own family if he could turn a profit doing so. I really hope people see through this and realize that he is just a wannabe Trump, however he has no integrity, no desire to fight the globalists and far less of a successful record when it comes to business. The man good for a laugh, hopefully, that’s all.

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