Canadian Common Sense is a blog that discuses Canadian politics and all things Canada.  Our small dedicated team aims to get Canadians talking about the issues of our time.

Issues such as the Syrian Refugee crisis to Canada’s participation in the American lead coalition against the radical Islamic State (ISIS), issues including bias in media, holding our government to account, holding public sector unions to account are just some of the issues we regularly discuss.

We welcome all thoughts and perspectives; all voices to join the conversation.

Meet the Authors:

Kevin HarrisKevin Harris (Kevin) is a dedicated writer, blogger and active grassroots Canadian.

Kevin has been involved with many grassroots campaigns such as promoting the petition to bring in the RCMP to take over investigations currently under way by the OPP into scandal and corruption at Queen’s Park.

Kevin is also an active volunteer and political activist in his community.

John R. MerriamJohn R. Merriam (johnrmerriam)  is a writer and a concerned Canadian citizen.

John leads a grassroots Facebook Group called Conservative Politics International.

John is a dedicated writer who challenges us to think about the issues.


Nick Vandergragt (nickatnight53) is a former radio talk show host on Ottawa’s 580 CFRA.

Covering the issues of the day, Nick keeps a watchful eye on the state of affairs in Canada.

His former radio talk show, ‘Nick at Night’ was a popular forum and beloved by the CFRA nation (you can listen here).  While taking calls and hosting interesting guests, Nick offers a unique insight into many issues.

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Patricia Harris (patpeeves) is a published author with a passion for writing.

Patricia was also an integral part in the original Kevin’s Common Sense Blog.  We’re glad she decided to come back and write with us under our new banner.

Patricia takes a hard, critical look at current events and the issues that face Canadians.

Known for her flare in her writing style, Patricia is once again lending her talent to the Canadian Common Sense team.


Join the conversation, join the debate.

Are you interested in doing more than merely commenting on our various blog posts?  Do you have a passion for writing?  Are you familiar with WordPress?  If you’d like to become an author, send Kevin an e-mail with a sample of your work.

The only way discussion works is when opposing viewpoints debate the issues.  It is every citizens civic duty to participate in the dialogue that shapes our future; this is how democracy works.

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