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KC Kerrie: My Greatest Wound – YOU MOVE!

I only know this woman as KC Kerrie. But I do find it interesting to note that she just articulated what some of us were too coward to actually say out loud.  The following video was posted with her permission.  Please … Continue reading

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Oh Big Brother, Where Art Thou?

Facebook likes to ask us, “What’s on Your Mind?”, “Where Are You?”, “How Are You Feeling?”.  Nosy little platform if I do say so myself.  But it isn’t the only one; all social media platforms and even some operating systems such … Continue reading

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Free Trade Free World

It would seem to those applying common sense that if one fully wished to capitalize upon the markets, free trade would be the epitome of an awesome idea. Isolationist and xenophobic approaches to social policy is contradictory to good business sense and extreme … Continue reading

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You Did It Folks! move over!  Canadian Common Sense can boast about the fact that we are now 100% crowd-funded! Through your generous donations, we are able to keep this Blog alive! It was awesome folks like yourself that allowed us to truly … Continue reading

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