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Do you ever feel that you don’t have a voice in the shaping of Canadian Public Policy?  Have you ever felt powerless when questioning the decisions of your Government?  Do you ever contemplate the ramifications of their actions to your day-to-day life?

Well, the old adage, “You can’t fight city hall” is completely false.  You can influence your government and it starts with your dedication to democracy and using your voice to help shape public policy.  You can join the chorus of like-minded individuals who insist upon common sense and accountability in government.

During these uncertain times facing Canadians, discussion and debate must be of paramount priority.

My name is Kevin Harris and I host a forum that encourages discussion and debates of the issues we face daily; every voice and perspective matters.

This is incredibly important to me; our current events and the direction of our country is worthy of thoughtful discord.

Any and all monies raised through this campaign will go directly to increasing the reach of our messages as well as the on-going maintenance costs associated with web hosting and annual renewal of our domain name.

As well, we have a goal to raise funds to purchase video broadcasting hardware and computer software to enhance the delivery of those messages important to Canadians.

It is imperative that grassroots Canadians use their voices; every individual has a right to free speech.  We must use this power to continuously hold our government to account and be free to discuss their motives and practices in a safe and objective environment.

Canadian Common Sense is the forum that can accomplish just that, and we can do more with your help.  Please consider joining with other like-minded individuals with a $5 or $10 dollar donation.

Thank-you on behalf of the Canadian Common Sense Team.


Kevin Harris