Write With Us

Do you have a passion for writing?  Do you ever wonder if Canada is on the right track?

Do you apply a common sense approach when dealing with your government?

Common sense is a virtue that has fallen by the wayside in Canadian politics.  Do you agree with that statement?

When I originally started this Blog, it was my aim to promote the fact that Conservative ideology and Canadian values are not mutually exclusive concepts.

And then the Blog grew.  It has grown to the point that we need contributors, we need donations.

Individual perspective and thoughtfulness of the Canadian Citizen is paramount for our democracy to function.  People want to be heard; people want their government to listen to them.  Which is how it should be; perhaps this forum will give you an opportunity to reach an audience and indeed your government.

If you’re interested in writing with this Blog, then I invite you to send in a sample of your work.  You can also contact this Blog directly at kevin@ktvharris.com