G. Ray Gompf: Justin Trudeau’s Great Canadian Ego Trip

*CCS Author’s Note: This article was written by G. Ray Gompf; posted here with permission.


I don’t get Justin Trudeau. He claims to understand the middle class yet needs to embark on a meet and greet to understand the middle class. A meet and greet that will be properly staged for photo ops; well managed so nobody actually gets to express their real feelings.

If he understands the middle class — ordinary Canadians — so well, why is there a need for a scripted meet and greet? If Stephen Harper had even considered such a campaign swing at taxpayers expense the hue and cry would have been heard in China — through the centre of the earth, not around it. With Stephen Harper, it wasn’t necessary because Stephen Harper came from middle class, not from a pampered trust fund situation. Justin Trudeau can’t possibly understand the middle class no matter how many meet and greets he takes. He’s never had to cope with wondering if the mortgage can be paid this month, will there be enough to pay the utility bills next month.

When you have never had to concern yourself with balancing a family budget, how in the name of seven senses can you understand those that do. Hey, Justin, budgets don’t balance themselves.

So now Justin decides, or more correctly, his handlers decide he should get out there and pretend to be accessible, pretend to be “one of us”, and for goodness sake, don’t wear a suit jacket, that would be too pretentious.

Tag a camera man around that’s only going to show the positive things, OK, allow for a couple of minor issues to be negative but basically make the stupid people think all is well with the world while the stupid people already know it’s not.

When manufacturing jobs, those jobs that create the wealth and pay the bills are now outnumbered considerably by those government jobs that do not create wealth. That’s not saying that government jobs aren’t of value, they are, but there should never be more government jobs than in the private sector. If you take a look at a Province such as Ontario, that’s what has happened to wit a $300 Billion deficit. It also doesn’t make sense for those good manufacturing jobs to be replaced with service industry jobs. Eventually, there’s no money to spread around and everyone is broke. Right now, the economy is in the tank simply because the good manufacturing jobs are in the tank. Flipping hamburgers, while necessary, just isn’t producing middle-class wealth like spinning nuts on bolts. Without middle class earning power taxes simply will not come into the treasury.

But you go on a trip across the country at taxpayer’s expense and spread your “Sunni Ways” because that’s what’s necessary to placate a restless electorate.

The problem you see is there is has been a cataclysmic shift to the right in the U.S. electorate and a left-leaning government in Canada is faced with a similar shift in middle-class thinking in Canada so if Justin can take his hair out and selfie his way across the country showing middle-class folk standing beside him then he’ll keep his popularity at 35%.

The cataclysmic shift in the U.S. has turned more protectionist than open trade. Our Justin points the finger south and screams how wrong it is to close borders to trade, especially when Canada has always enjoyed more or less free trade access to the U.S. What he tends to forget is that Canada is not as open and free to trade as we unwashed Canadians would believe.

The old adage that “when you point a finger at another, there are three pointing back at you” very much becomes actual. For every finger Canada can point out to the U.S. in terms of closed door to trade, there ARE three fingers pointing back at Canada but that’s OK because we need to protect our farmers. But then our government energy rates are killing our protected farmers. Our embracing of “carbon tax” which is the dumbest of all taxes because it’s a tax on nothing, but you have to give it to the elites of government because they’ve done a remarkable job of selling the carbon tax based on absolutely nothing. Damn, when a salesman can sell nothing and you’re happy you bought it, now that’s the ultimate in salesmanship. I don’t admire that kind of scam artist salesperson but you have to give them credit for snowing enough people into believing it’s the right thing to do.

Why didn’t Canada, who naturally has the biggest carbon sink in the world, and produces the least amount of any greenhouse gas in the world tax the products of those countries that are large producers of greenhouse gases? Oh, right. They couldn’t sell sanity.

About Kevin Harris

Kevin is an active grassroots Canadian citizen, writer & blogger. Kevin ran in Ontario's last General Election; the Kevin4Carleton Campaign sought to raise and discuss the issues effecting real change in the Ontario Legislature and, in turn, for the people of the Carleton Riding.
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  2. Guy Annable says:

    thank you kevin for this great read, ONE DAY WE WILL HAVE AN ONTARIO SPRING……. : Ontario SPRING LAMBS” WILL ONE DAY RISE UP we will strom th bastille, only once the king has emptied the treasury and the nobles have indentured the next generation of serfs

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